Getting ready for Splendour

This year Saya and I invested a lot more money into our Splendour preparation. We decided to buy a Gazebo and a tent. We also bought Twister and Uno, because they are always a good time. Kmart really came through with the goods. I also bought a pair of Hunter boots which I may be selling as they are one size too small :(

Last year's Splendour jacket is still one of my favourite jumpers. I hope they have some nice stuff this year. I really don't like the logo for Splendour this year, it is so ugly and tacky. But it's not like that is going to affect the quality of the festival, so I am not too worried.

We had a little Splendour meeting at my house where we checked out the gazebo. It's pretty great. Will definitely be using it more then once.

Back to the hairdresser to fix my hair. Trying to get as white blonde as I can so I can get a nice pastel purple through my hair.

Felt a little shit the other week so I decided to take a spontaneous drive to Bundeena to calm myself down. The drive was crazy stressful, but it was so chilled out when I got there. It's a nice place, but I would really hate to live there.

Really happy with how my hair turned out. Just call me Khaleesi.

Sassie in her finest sausage form.

Lunch stops at Sylvania for the best burgers in the whole entire world. If you haven't tried them yet, you literally have no idea. 

Looks about a 4, tastes about a 10-12/ 10

I am really loving food right now, sorry for the overload of pictures. I had a really sweet burrito night with Luke and Saya. Whilst Saya and I were bringing down the food, Luke set the table up so romantic, it was really beautiful. 

#internlife favourite part about Mondays, other then interning at Myer, is getting to try new things every week at the food court. Easily spend the most money each week on Monday, just on food haha.

Bonding time with my favourite girl.

Yollybon bought me souvenirs off ebay before she flew away. She bought me a really beautiful watch and the cute little infinity bracelet. Can't beleive how long she is away traveling. So jealous. But at least I have Splendour to look forward to. Splendour is literally my Christmas, I love it so much. See you there!



Daily Inspiration

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purple like acai

Today I am the youngest I will ever be, I am so much more to learn and experience. The world is at my fingertips and I want to to let my soul open up to world and everything it has to offer. I want to dye my hair, make new friends, learn different languages, take more photos, eat better food, love more strongly, feel more deeply, and be the best version of myself that I can be.

First things first lets eat some good healthy food to help prepare my body for Splendour.

Luke and I went to the Drive in Movie at Blacktown. We saw transformers 3, Dinosaurs and robots, could it get any better? We ate sweet chilli philly, american hot dogs and I tried my first twinkie, it was awful.

So happy to be able to use my new picnic basket. I love it so much. Thankyou Kmart. 

Met up with my friend Christian for coffee. He has such a beautiful apartment. Can't wait to move out to a loft/ studio style apartment. One day...

Picnic with the girls before Yol flys away to Cambodia/ Vietnam/ Thailand, basically the whole shebang, 

I have such an obsession with picnics.
Here is a list of things that you need if you are having a picnic:
. Sweet Chilli Philly
. Crackers
. Carrot and cucumber sticks
. A salad
. Chocolate and lollies
. Homous and Tzatziki 
. Shapes
. Grapes
. Cigarettes and Coffee

The amount of selfies I take with my dogs is coming close to the amount Miley takes with hers. Just give me 5 more adorable puppies and a singing career and I will be a happy girl.

What I put in my smoothies:
. Kale
. English Spinach
. Frozen mango
. Frozen blueberries
. 1/2 a banana
. Passionfruit
. Carrot
. Cashews
. Frozen blueberries
. Almonds
. Chia 
. Linseed

I think I am getting better at making breakfast bowls. So filling and so tasty!

Hope you are all having an amazing week. Will be posting more really soon. Need to catch up with everything that has happened so far this month <3